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In the field of corporate and social transformation we are particularly dedicated to the circular economy. We inform, raise awareness and engage all relevant stakeholders through our own engagement platform Circular Change. We engage CC Members and partners to lead and manage comprehensive transformative processes of their business models and connect them into circular value chains. By doing this we advocate a systemic approach foster circular culture.


We create and transform brands into “service media brands”. We do it by the understanding the role of the media, through branding, social innovation and service design.


Our engagement with journalism and media has been permanently in the focus of our activities. In the past Gm’s core team served on senior positions in several media and publishing companies and creative industries. Today Gm advises, assists and supports media companies in their transformation processes and educates and trains journalists, editors, publishers, marketeers and other media and communications professionals.


Understanding identities represents our continuous challenge and starting point for business cooperation and societal integration and cohesion. We have been actively involved in the understanding, evolution and preservation of identities of ethnic communities across Europe, particularly in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, and Slovenia thought our collaboration with the media of autochthonous minorities.


Assuring progress is the core value of our endeavour. Progress cannot be accomplished without the ability to undertake responsibility pertaining to individual‘s sole in an organisation, neither can it be achieved overlooking transparency and respect.


Gm is also a publisher of MC MediaChange.

MC MediaChange is a digital medium, established in 2015 and registered in the Slovenian Media Register. MC addresses researchers, innovators and business professionals with unique, contextualised and updated case studies and related news, analyses and background stories of best practices and extraordinary examples of competence and innovation.



Key company data

Full name: Giacomelli Media Management and Consulting Ltd

Shorter name: Giacomelli Media Ltd




Seat: Kersnikova ulica 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Office: Trdinova ulica 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Founder and managing director: Jurij Giacomelli,


Co-founder and managing director: Ladeja Godina Košir,



Registration number: 6245641000

Tax number: SI 48018830

Bank account details (TRR): 10100-0051264204

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Pristaniška ulica 14, 6502 Koper



Managing directors


Ladeja Godina Košir, MSc                                                                                                                        Jurij Giacomelli, MSc