Gm supports clients and partners in creating and sustaining value through excellence in innovation management and stakeholder engagement in the context of sustainable development.

We focus on change.

We help change happen by contextualising it, reinforcing our clients’ competencies and positioning engaged stakeholders in their relevant roles.

By doing this we foster innovative ventures aiming at sustainable and equitable returns to social, human and financial resources invested within the planetary boundaries. More.


Sustainable Strategies & Reporting

We provide our clients with:

– Stakeholder mapping and management
– Identification of materiality topics
– Sustainability strategy development
– Identification of business opportunities in the field of sustainability
– Sustainability reporting concept
– Organising internal workshops on sustainability topics
– Adoption of the GRI standards
– Organising internal data collection
– Design and communicating sustainability
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Circular Business Academy

Why choose CBA?

– Learn from and exchange knowledge and skills directly with leading experts and practitioners of the circular economy
– New growth opportunities of the circular economy
– Circular portfolio analysis and circular self-assessment
– Complete practitioners‘ toolkit for a circular transformation
– Practical guidelines and assistance towards a circular transformation
– Understanding the nature of financing and options for circular models
– Identification and acquisition of new competencies for business model transformation

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Strategic Communications & Stakeholders Relationship Management

We support our clients with:

– Stakeholder analysis and mapping
– Stakeholder relationship management
– Strategic communications and transformative communication support
– Internal Communications
– Crisis communication and crisis management
– Public relations

Dissemination & Exploitation

We provide our clients with:

– Support in translating research into innovation
– Developing dissemination and exploitation strategies
– Organising exploitation strategy seminars
– Raising awareness on exploitation possibilities
– Setting-up road-maps for the long-term effect of the results
– Analysis of Exploitation Risks
– Exploitation Strategy Seminar
– Organising pitching events
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The purpose of the Circular4.0 project is to train SMEs in the Alpine Space region with the aim of discovering potentials for introducing circular and digital transformation. Gm contribution to the project is upgrading the Circularity Assessment Score (CAS 2.0) and implementing a digital (e-learning) platform. Gm carried out Train-The-Trainers workshops as well as Circular Acceleration Training for SMEs and provided experts and consulting services to more than 20 Slovenian SME's selected by Technology Park Ljubljana and Jozef Stefan Institute.
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The main objective of this EU Horizon project is to develop a set of innovative technologies aimed at exploiting the potential of End-of-Life (EoL) complex composite waste (mainly carbon fiber reinforced composites, and glass fiber reinforced composites) as a feed-stock for profitable reuse of parts and materials in the manufacturing industry. Gm's role is to set and establish communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy to a comprehensive framework that will be directed toward reaching out to potential stakeholders.
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SMILEce is an Erasmus+ project that targets the ever evolving Micro-Brewery industry across Europe. SMILEce is offering incumbents and new entrants, exposure to new techniques, culture and ideas from circular economy (CE). Gm is engaged in developing a circularity assessment tool for the circularity level of microbreweries and developing contents for a digital learning course that’s designed to improve and update work-based learning methodologies
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The European project RADIANT is intended to demonstrate successful transitions to inclusive agrobiodiversity systems; making underdeveloped crops become more competitive; maximise agriculture sustainable production; expand their environmental, social and nutritional recognition; offer solutions for integration into profitable value chains, based on political, social and governance innovations and empower society to integrate these foods into their diets. Gm is included through META Group SRL.
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Primorski dnevnik is a publisher and an ominous daily newspaper in Slovenian language seated in Trieste, Italy. Gm is developed a development strategy and carried out a market research among readers based on a survey. The challenge of new development strategy is to embrace digital publishing channels and address more vigorously younger generations of readers.

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MAINSAIL is a technology transfer fund that invests in PoCs, spin-off, start-up, and licensing deals stemming from scientific and technical excellence centres in Croatia and Slovenia. Promoters of the fund are the core team, META GROUP and Prosperus as well as private investors.

Jurij Giacomelli
Founder and Managing Director

Jurij Giacomelli is a manager by profession and publisher by pedigree. He led several news publishing firms including Finance and Delo. Among other engagements, he was the founding CEO of Gorenje design studio and member of the management board of Prva Group. In 2012 he joined NLB, region’s leading and Slovenia’s largest bank, as general secretary and corporate communications director, during the Bank’s most difficult times. In mid 2015, after a successful outcome of the NLB’s rescue, he returned to Giacomelli media.

Key competencies: publishing, journalism,  innovation, leadership, change management, corporate governance, marketing management, corporate financial management, and corporate communications.



Core Team

Massimo Sbarbaro


Sebastian Žužek

Project manager

Matija Frandolič

Project assistant

Miha Jerovec

Communication and graphic designer

Competence Partners

Justi Carey

Language Consultant

Karin Huber

Founder & Managing Director, csr and communication

Christoph Püntmann

Founder, Managing Director Hibrook

Werner Kössler

Senior sustainability advisor

Nataša Heror

Minority & Local Media Expert, Heror Media Point

Strategic Partner


Established networks enable us to exchange and extend knowledge and experiences among different stakeholders.
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