We dedicate our passion for a meaningful change in the field of the circular economy to business model transformations.

Gm is the lead partner of Roadmap Slovenia and the author of The Circular Triangle.





Together with our partners we:

– Contextualise and promote CE as a new economic model
– Share knowledge through workshops, seminars
– Facilitate transition to new business models through strategic and implementation-focused advisory
– Create custom made solutions for different stake holders
– Co-crate unique sustainable stories
– Connect CE change agents internationally
– Moderate public debate, teach, lecture and publishing valuable content related to the challenges of the circular transformations.

Gm gave birth to Circular Change, a stakeholder engagement platform created to facilitate the transition towards the circular economy.

Its fundamental mission is to inform, educate, recognise leaders, interpret best practice and to co-create pioneering case studies in the transition from linear to circular business models.

The Circular Change platform was established by Giacomelli Media, in cooperation with its international partners, in order to create a competence network to assist in a successful transition to the circular economy, embracing its economic, societal and environmental dimensions. By doing so we are co-creating the conditions and concrete opportunities for more sustainable business future.

Since January 2018 Circular Change continues its mission as an independent institute.


Circular Business Academy is a training programme destined to sytematically support organizations on their way towards a more circular future.

The principal goal of the CC Academy is to engage managers, experts and other professionals and enable and assist them to carry out transformation projects in their organisations which are directly related to the transition to the Circular Economy principles.

The programme is laid out in three modules. For more information about the Academy, programme, registration and admission fees please follow this link.