Our Competencies


The understanding of a service

Everything valuable we create for someone is a service, no matter how solid may be its components.
Providing a good service means to deliver on expectations – or beyond. This is a matter of good organisation and the understanding of relationships between service providers and service consumers. Relationships are always based on a specific set of values, several of which are not only economically assessed.

The role of the media

Understanding the role and of the media in a modern society stands for the ability to assess the value of information diffused through means of mass communication, the effects and the responsibilities that derive from such an intended and targeted activity. This requires a profound understanding of the functioning and the technology deployed in media organisations as well as the knowledge about how can media organisations be successfully developed and managed.

The meaning of a brand

Brand is a sign of trust and is thus a consequence of promises delivered. Explaining a promise effectively and responsibly requires a qualified understanding of the media in a modern society. Matching expectations in service delivery requires a deep understanding of the user and a holistic attention to her or his complete experience throughout the entire service lifecycle.

The deployment of the design concept

Deep mutual understanding between individuals is a prerequisite for each trustworthy relationship. A success of any business concept in the today‘s complex environment must therefore lay upon the ability to develop and sustain such relationships with the users and all other stakeholders. Every development or enhancement of a business concept should therefore begin with an analysis that takes to the understanding of a user and her or his interrelations with all other stakeholders. We therefore use the designer‘s approach to question, how we can improve people‘s lives.

The power of social innovation

Societal challenges are challenges as opportunities for creating new products, services, brands and communications that might help to meet societal goals. Understanding that “Social innovation is a new idea that works in meeting social goals” (Mulgan, 2006) we see a social innovation as a process of societal change relevant to every person.


Our business


  • Editorial transformation and digital strategies
  • Paid content and subs sales
  • Ad sales organisation and project sales
  • Spin-offs (new audiences, services)


  • Brand positioning
  • Service design strategies, experience design
  • Market entry strategies and brand internationalisation
  • Business model design


  • Boosting the impact social innovation
  • Tools and practice for designing behavior change projects targeting community and business
  • Enabling sustainable ways of living in in collaboration with local communities and other significant stakeholders
  • Stimulating and communicating new initiatives by connecting people, projects, practices, initiatives and decision makers


  • Project ad sales services (region)
  • Media&change conference and training
  • Media management tools and trainings
  • New media ventures